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Are You Aged 11-24?

Want to run activities for other young people in your local area? Apply to become a Peabody Young Leader.

Gain the support and funding to make your ideas for projects, campaigns and events that would benefit you and your community a reality. As part of this you could also gain a OCN Level 1 Accreditation in Leadership.

Want to represent and make decisions on behalf of your peers, community or school? Apply to become a Young Ambassador.

Access Level 2 training (equivalent to a GCSE A-C), masterclasses and workshops to develop the skills and resources required to implement change within the community and other social, professional and educational environments.


Young People Engaged

Apply Today

We’ll help you develop your idea and get support from Peabody and other professionals to deliver it and become a Young Leader in your community.

I've always wanted to be a leader within my community to put my opinion across and also the opinions of the other young people.

Becoming a Peabody Young Ambassador allows me to make a difference in the community and make it a better place.

About the Project

Peabody is funding 11-24 year olds to develop their own projects, trips and events for other young people in their local area.

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