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About the Project

The Peabody Young Leaders and Ambassadors Programme supports young people to become leaders and representatives of their communities.

We’re helping young people identify projects, campaigns and events that they think will benefit them, their peers or their community. Then we’re helping make these activities a reality with financial support, professional partnerships and access to community venues.

Young people will also be supported to take the lead on and promote positive change for themselves and their peers in a variety of settings. This could include:

  • Becoming a member of the school council
  • Sitting on local housing management committees
  • Establishing local youth forums to feed into local or organisational policy
  • Sitting on a Local Authority’s Youth Parliament
  • Developing youth agendas to feed into and add value to local or organisational polices


£ raised for charity

The Impact

By developing and delivering activities young people will become Peabody Young Leaders. This is a way for young people to move from being participants in activities, to leaders of them.  By facilitating their own activity, young people will gain valuable skills in project planning and leadership, and have the opportunity to make a positive impact and influence within their communities.  They will also work towards an OCN Level 1 accredited Young Leaders Award, and develop skills in peer mentoring and teamwork.

Peabody Young Leaders will then have the opportunity to represent their peers and communities across a variety of structured forums as a Peabody Young Ambassador. Through specially designed training, young people will work towards an OCN Level 2 accredited Young Ambassadors Award and gain the skills required to positively present themselves in public forums. They will be able to represent the needs and requirements of young people and implement effective change to make a positive difference.

The Peabody Young Leaders and Ambassadors programme therefore seeks to employ creative and innovative ways of engaging young people in activities and projects that:

  • Encourage and support young people to engage in meaningful youth social action
  • Encourage young people on Peabody estates and the wider community to be more aware of issues that affect them, helping them take action
  • Support others (including adult-run service providers) to understand what the current issues are for young people and the strategies to address them
  • Provide young people with a platform to directly influence issues in their communities
  • Encourage young people to participate as active members of the public and private professional sectors, influencing and shaping policy, advising on services, and ensuring that young people’s realities and requirements are taken into account

Becoming a Peabody Young Ambassador allowed me to make a difference in the community.

I loved putting on an event that brought the community together!

Become a Young Leader or Young Ambassador

Are you aged 11-25 and living in London? Want to run activities for other young people in your area? Want to support your friends and community and make a positive difference? Contact us today and you could secure up to £500 funding to make your idea a reality.

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