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Content Creation Online Masterclasses

A series of online masterclasses where young talented experts from the creative industry introduce young people to the industry and share experience and useful tips.

Feyi Coker, a creative 25 young person decided to took actions to help young people during the lockdown. With the help and support of other three young people, Feyi delivered an Online Creative masterclass sessions in April and June, 2020.

The project introduced a series of online creative masterclass sessions that included: photography, content producing, sound engineering and poetry. The aim of the masterclass sessions was to build a relationship between the young people, who wish to enter the creative sector and the industry professionals, raise awareness of the career opportunities available to young people as well as develop their skillset.

The online creative masterclass sessions were introduced with the aim of displaying the level of young creative talent and mentally stimulating young people’s mind during the times of social distancing because of COVID19 and social unrest. It was also important to develop young creatives skills in photography, spoken words, poetry and content creation in addition to filling the void left by traditional education during these periods.

At each creative masterclass session, challenges were set for participants and prizes were awarded for the chosen winner. In the photography session, the challenge was for young participants to send through their edited photograph that was taken by the industry professional. We received several edited photographs and the winner had their creative talent displayed on Hackney Young Producers social media channels.

20 young people attended the session. The participants benefited from the session as they were able to gain an insight into their creative industry. They were able to gain information on the level of work required, challenges and myths about the industry communicated by the industry professional. The industry professionals were able to add additional members to their network and build a relationship with participants. This session also gave them an opportunity to give back to their community.

Feyi said about her experience delivering this project: ‘‘The project provided me with an insight into the level of work required to ensure a creative project is managed successfully from concept to closure. The experience also provided me with an insight into the different level of expertise required when working on a project and understand how the balance the skills in the team to ensure all aspects of a project is managed effectively. Lastly, the project ignited my passion to become a Creative Project Manager and looking into projects outside of working as a film, TV and musical theatre producer’’.


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