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Stretch and Recover

An online stretching sessions for young people in London

Stretch and Recover an online sport project took place in October and November 2020 and was led by Said Taher. Said Taher is a 22 years old talented young person from Camden borough. Said is very productive and passionate about sport. He decided to undertake a social action and invited 10 young people to attend 8 online exercising sessions via Zoom.

Said is part of different football clubs which involve a lot of youth and older people, who generally complain about stiffness and cramps after a training session or match day. Said thinks that it would take people a lot longer to recover due to the aches and pains that they would get after trainings. Also, Said mentioned that he has friends and family members who work full time and keep complaining that their legs are hurting. Therefore, Said wanted to run this project to help people whether they are old or young, active or not active. Taher said about his project: ‘this project will benefit the society in general. Stretching can help the body and improve mental health’.

The aim of this project is to help groups of people (16+) to stretch their muscles and loosen them to reduce cramps aches and pains that they would undergo in their daily lives which can be reduced through a stretch and recover session. Said decided to post a package of items to young people so they could participate in the programme fully, loosen up the muscles and reduce the likeliness of injuries or cramps. The package included a yoga mat, foam rollers, tennis ball and resistance Loop Bands.

Said created a Facebook page to advertise his project and invite people to take part in any future activity he does. Through his Facebook Page, Said were able to get 10 people to register and participate in the sessions.

When we asked one of the participants, Yacob Mohamed, it he would recommend the project to his friends, he said: ‘Stretching wasn’t something I was doing as part of my daily routine, having added it to my schedule has shown me the importance of stretching and how much pain was my body in. After taking part in this stretch and recovery session I have been feeling much loose on the muscles and much more flexible’.

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