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Diamonds in the Dirt

A project to capture young talents in London

Isaac Bokoko, a 19 years old talented young person from Islington. Isaac is very passionate cinematographer and decided to run his own project called Diamonds in the Dirt. The project aimed to present and explore the talent within London’s working class communities and where these passions are developed from. Isaac wanted to showcase the talent and hunger the working class community has, by putting on display for the whole world to see what kinds of talents and skills the working class massive of London has hidden within it streets.


Isaac went round London capturing people’s skills, talents and hobbies by interviewing, recording and researching into different subjects. Isaac said: ‘I feel strongly about running this project for a variety of reasons, one of these reasons is that myself as a young working class black boy from North London understands to the fullest how under represented the London working class community is, not just to mention the BAME working class community’.


When we asked Isaac about his experience with the Young Leaders Programme, he stated; ‘This programme is a good opportunity for young people to make a change… It has allowed me to connect with various other young people as well as young creatives which can be quite refreshing for a young creative like myself’.

To see the full documentary, check the link below 

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