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Quiz Night- Badu Community

A quiz night for young people to socialise and have fun together

Mariline,18 years old, run a quiz night for young people who are part of Badu Community’s Mentorship Programme. The purpose of the quiz was to give young people a chance to socialise and have fun in which they could forget about their issues and problems that they could be facing. Despite the young people being part of the mentoring group, we are a family and it is important for them to be able to understand that those around them are their support system. On top of this, the reason why a quiz night was held was to ensure that the young people are in contact and are familiar with everyone.  

There were many things that were taken out of the project. For instance one person commented and said that ‘It was a great way for me to get to know the other girls within my mentoring group as, COVID had prevented it from happening for a while’. Another young person mentioned ‘It was a great way to relieve stress and I could just focus on winning and having fun’. Lastly, another comment was made on how ‘The project allowed me to come out of my comfort zone and I could be myself and have a laugh’. 

This project was a huge success as everyone that participated agreed and said they it was not just fun but it was a good stress reliever from school work, work in general and exams. In my opinion this project was a success because I was able to not just achieve my aim but go above and beyond. This involves those that never participated or socialized as much to come out of their comfort zone and show their character.  

The main thing that encouraged me to carry out a social action project was just having the opportunity to channel my skills into something fun as well as uplift the moods and self esteem of those surrounding me. The time in which the project was being delivered, many were undergoing changes academically as well as an increase in their stress levels due to school. This is another thing that had encouraged me to take this plan.  

When planning and delivering this project, I was able to not just expand my current skills but I was able to gain new skills. I was able to expand on my organisational skills as I had to create quiz questions, organise groups and create an agenda to allow everything to participate smoothly. I was also able to improve my patience and professionalism skills. As those participating were very competitive, the tensions were high and there were tiny competitive disputes but I had to calm them down ensuring that things did not get out of hand, As this did not happen instantly I had to ensure that I was patient with them. I was able to improve my professionalism skill hugely. As those participating in the quiz were around my age group, I had to ensure that I was joining in and having fun but also ensuring that I was being professional.  

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