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No Ceiling Project- SoapBox

A project to support and empower women to reach their full potential

No ceilings is a project which aims to break barriers, ceilings and anything which could be in the way or  prevent young women from reaching their full potential. Young leaders who delivered the project aimed to break these barriers through the use of creative mediums and discussions and challenging themselves to learn new skills and taking on new challenges which pushed them away from our comfort zones. 

 No ceilings aim to educate and inform other young women as well as young men about different issues young women encounter.  The participants were able to have increased confidence to talk about the topics which were covered.  The women who attended the sessions were able to gain more information on the topics and were able to know where to get help and support from. 

The young leaders were able to learn about teamwork, organisation, leadership and communication and how to direct online sessions during the pandemic as it was something we had never done or experienced before. 

The success of the project was that there were participants who attended all the sessions young leaders put together. They had no technical issues online via Zoom.  All attendees followed the guidelines they created.  The young women were getting involved in all the sessions they hosted through discussions and contributions. 

Young leaders received positive feedback for the project, people who attended really enjoyed the practical aspect of the sessions as young leaders were able to create safe space just for women to have discussions on different topics. . 

What the young leaders would have done differently is look  more deeply the promotion side of the project. they would have liked to have more time to promote to potential participants. It would have been good if the sessions could have been done in person.  


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