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MixTape - National Youth Theatre

A space for artists and content producers to present their talent

MIXTAPE was trying to achieve a the creation of a safe space for new and emerging artists to share their lyrical and musical exploration. The importance of such a space is make or break for young or new artists. The opportunity to share and perform your work on a public stage is incredibly empowering and validating.

The benefit to participants is largely the increased confidence and self-belief that is acquired from live performance. Sharing new material is a vulnerable thing to do, but when done in a positive and encouraging space it can inspire a person to pursue their passions. For more established artists NYT: MIX TAPE was also a space to gain some exposure and community.

The greatest success from NYT: MIX TAPE was that artists who took part in it not only wanted to return for a second performance opportunity, but also went on to develop their own performance spaces with the National Youth Theatre. It was an explosion of creativity.

Nathan, the young leader of the project, was encouraged by the many NYT members he met in his involvement who had some musical or lyrical ability. The realisation that there were many artists in the NYT who fell into other performance categories spurred the creation of a space for them in the organisation to develop that side of their practice.

I recommend the Young Leaders Programme because it was easily accessible and straight forward funding process. The availability and process made it a great option for an independent project with social impact aims.

Nathan is planning to expand his project to create some different types of content –not just livestreams and live performance. NYT: MIXTAPE will continue in some form and the community that now exists around the project is full of potential.


To check the project group on Facebook and see all the performances, click here

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