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8Eyez Work Placement

Young Leader Julia and her company 8eyez ran a 4 week work placement programme.


Over the summer, 8Eyez dedicated 4 weeks to run a work placement program in Hackney for young people to gain skills in event management and media production. The 8Eyez work placement was designed to help young people gain hands-on experience in media production and events management – learning how the two fields work cohesively.

At the end of the placement they’d leave with a raised awareness of how a creative business is ran, assets for their personal portfolios, employability skills and an improved career prospect in their chosen creative field. All young people who took part in the placement worked towards a Community Development and Leadership accreditation, with an option of going for an additional accreditation in Project Management (depending on the individual’s skillset).


All young people who participated in this project successfully completed a community development and leadership accreditation. They were also laced with the skillset and environment to build their own personal portfolios.

Future Developments

Through the programme Julia has realised that she would like to run more placements/workshops in the future and is already making plans with 8eyez to put these into effect!

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Gained skills in events management

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