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Acland Burghley Volunteer Day

Young Leaders help students from Acland Burghley School make a positive impact on their community through a range of volunteering activities.

Young people at the Acland Burghley volunteer day

About the Project

Twelve year 7 students from Camden’s Acland Burghley School planned and ran a volunteer day for 111 of their peers on and around Peabody’s Palmer Estate in Tufnell Park. The students took part in a range of activities including cleaning up a local playground, redecorating the Calcott Community Centre, garden maintenance on resident’s properties, leaflet dropping, surveying and neighbourhood mapping.

The students then met back at the school where they put together presentations of the work carried out and enjoyed an end of year meal of pizza together. The Young Leaders were responsible for planning the volunteer activities, leading the groups while in the community and putting together the presentations to share their experience with the wider year group. Funding accessed by the group when towards purchasing gardening and recording equipment for activities as well as the pizza for the entire year group lunch.

The Impact

The volunteer day was a great opportunity for students to have a positive impact in their community while also building a positive name of Acland Burghley in the community. A number of residents commented on the how nice it was to have their gardens cleaned and weeded by young people in the community. This was also a fantastic project to promote a local community centre to the students taking part in the volunteer activities while creating a strong link between Acland Burghley School and Peabody.

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Future Developments

There are a number of key initiatives that are being taken forward from this project including:

  • Acland Burghley students creating their own blogs using the recording equipment purchased.
  • On-going student-led garden maintenance groups serving Palmer Estate once a month
  • On-going qualification opportunities for Acland Burghley students
  • Future partnership opportunities between Peabody and Acland Burghley


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