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Barbering Basics with Nour

A project to teach young people how to do hairdressing

Nour is a very talented young person who wanted to teach young people basics of barbering by recording YouTube videos.

The videos that Nour recorded involved:

  • Preparing the client
  • Using scissors to cut hair
  • Using clippers to cut hair
  • Styling hair
  • Beard trimming

Nour used a mannequin head to demonstrate and perform the cuts and got all the equipment he needs to do his barbering work. Before uploading to YouTube, Nour will make sure the video quality is up to standard and all information is clear and easily understandable.

Nour hoped to inspire his peers and the community to explore the basics of barbering and potentially join a course, where young people can turn their hobbies into a career, like he did. He found his project very fun and enjoyable whilst also enabling me to pave a future career path.

Social media plays such a big role in our lives these days so Nour think using a platform like YouTube will make his videos accessible to the public including Peabody residents.

Nour said: ‘There are similar videos on YouTube already, however as someone who is young and has undergone their training in a community college, I feel I will be a great example to other young people who may be in a similar position’.

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