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Brightening our Borough

A project to inspire young people to pursue their passion in art

Maryam chowdhury, a 25 passionate young person led a very interesting community projects called; Brightening our Borough.

Maryam wanted to inspire young people to pursue their passion in art and assist them in their journey of creativity. The projects consisted of a 3 day workshop in which young people brought in professionals who shared their journey into the creative world, inspire and guided 15 young people.

Within the workshop young people explored the use of art in spreading positive messages that represent the community. In doing so young people discussed different topics such as BLM, Islamophobia and LGBTQ rights. The workshop created safe spaces and allowed young people to debate, learn and voice their opinions.

At the end of the workshop, young people came up with the idea of making a mural to recognize the NHS work during COVID19. Young people wanted to create a piece of art for the community. The 15 young people were able to design and paint a mural that represented the 200 nationalities of the NHS.

More than 100 community member visited the mural as well as the mayor of Tower Hamlets came to see the mural and thank young people for their actions.



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