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Build, Create and Skate

A project to teach young people how to make a skate board from scratch

Lucy is a passionate young person who wanted to pass her skate boarding passion to young people at her age by  leading and delivering a skate boarding making project.

20 young people participated in the project and designed their own skateboard from scratch. The project allowed young people to make a personalised and custom DIY skateboard. Every participant reflected their personality and interest in their board design. Raiyan said: ‘My inspiration for my skateboard design came from one of my favourite videogames which is Super Mario Bros. I decided to paint the skateboard with the colour red as it is the main colour of the Nintendo logo. After this, I hand-cut a stencil of Toad and Mario, who are characters in this game, and spray painted them onto the underside of the skateboard. I also spray painted a stencil of a heartbeat monitor to symbolise the adrenaline and passion when playing this awesome game’. 

During this project, young people learnt many useful skills such as sanding, spray-painting, stencil-making, drilling, gluing, cutting, screwing, clamping and many more which will help them in the future whether it is with their careers or if they are making or fixing furniture and objects in their house.  

Young people think that the project was an overall success and their skateboards are very well-designed. Skateboards passed all the safety tests such as if  they can ride smoothly and if they can hold body weight without breaking. Now the project is complete, it is now time to test its speed and ability on the roads and stunt ramps as well as practicing numerous cool tricks and skills to catch the eyes of people on the street admiring this awesome skateboard that young people have built.

Young people said: we would definitely recommend the Young Leaders Project to young people as it is a fun and interesting project. It is also undoubtedly worth all the hard work as it all pays off in the end when you see the final result. In this project, you also get to learn about the whole procedure of how skateboards are made in factories and all the dedication and hard work put into it. 

Raiyan, one of the participants said: From this awesome experience, I have learnt and found out about numerous interesting steps of making skateboards which I did not know about before. One thing I was always curious about was how the wood on the skateboard is bent. After being involved in this project, I have now found out that clamps and weights are used to bend the wood of the skateboard. As well as this, I have enjoyed learning new skills that will help me in my DT GCSE course and in the future.

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