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Career Evolution

A project to help young people secure a job opportunity


Due to growing number of young people in unemployment especially during COVID19, a group of young people decided to lead the project. This project aimed to help young people secure a job by helping them develop their CV and prepare for job interviews.

To achieve that aim, the team members came up with an idea of producing and animating three videos to showcase a young person journey to find a job. The produced videos focused on CV writing, group assessment and interview. This activity has been successful in many ways. The content the team produced through their research allowed them to better understand the issue of unemployment and the struggles young people are facing. So being able to come together as a team during COVID19 and still producing the videos was a huge success. Furthermore the videos that have been viewed have been useful to the audience we  targeted as they were able to actually learn from these videos and take away advice in order to help support them in their job search.

Many people benefited from this activity. The team managed to gain valuable skills and knowledge on how to be able to work on a project together in a short space of time considering other commitments each of them had. This project allowed young people to grow as individual leaders and have positive impact on other young people.

Zahiddul Hasan, the project leader, said: This experience has taught me a lot about myself in terms of how I am able to lead a group and be able to produce a project ensuring that the main objective is not clouded through the changes that were needed to be made. It has given me a lot of confidence in the way I am able to communicate with people from different career paths and allowed me to be more assertive with my decisions. Being part of this project has also allowed me to learn on how to adapt to changes and yet still work with a team whether it be over zoom calls or meetings when appropriate and being able to clearly articulate my thoughts and vision to my members.’

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Are you aged 11-25 and living in London? Want to run activities for other young people in your area? Want to support your friends and community and make a positive difference? Contact us today and you could secure up to £500 funding to make your idea a reality.

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Peabody is funding 11-25 year olds to develop their own projects, trips and events for other young people in their local area.

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