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Clean and Fresh

Supporting those without access to toiletries during the pandemic

Mabel and Lamar were aware that young people, especially in families where their carers and guardians were on zero hour contracts or on furlough, had less access to funds for personal care products during lockdown.

The duo decided to take it upon themselves to find a way to change this to make life a little easier for people during the pandemic. They decided to meet with their peers at their local youth group to ask what they needed most. This helped them to draw up a list of products. They then used their Young Leader grant to fund the provision of required items; hair products, soap, toothpaste etc. They tried to make sure there were products were inclusive of and suited different hair types, skin types and genders.

Lamar and Mabel received positive feedback from their efforts. Everyone who received a ‘goody bag’ was really pleased. The young people they supported were especially grateful for the consideration and time the pair took to look into different needs for different people and provided a personalised approach.

Lamar reflected on his experience saying, “it was good to feel useful.” He also feels that this experience has made him wanted to give to more people more regularly.

Overall the project managed to support 80 young people.


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Peabody is funding 11-25 year olds to develop their own projects, trips and events for other young people in their local area.

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