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Community BBQ

Two Young Leaders bring their community together in a celebration of ethnic foods from around the world in support of UNICEF.

A group of participants at the Community BBQ

About the Project

Amna and Elaf became Young Leaders to put on a BBQ for their community for three key reasons; to bring people together to celebrate the end of summer, to give people the chance to try ethic foods from around the world and to fundraise money for international child charity UNICEF. The girls enlisted the help of other young people on their estate as well as a few family members and coordinated the entire event from promotion and purchasing supplies to overseeing the event and getting feedback from attendees – not bad for 14 and 12 year old sisters!

As part of the leadership project the young people that supported Amna and Elaf in running the BBQ were invited to take part in a paintballing trip as a way to celebrate the hard work put in to make the Community BBQ a success.

The Impact

The event saw 41 people come out the enjoy the food and festivities with ages ranging from 6 to 67 years old. This event was a great way to build community spirit while also breaking down cultural barriers and demonstrating the talent and community spirit that young people have on the estate. The event also benefited the Thamesbank Community Centre who provided the space for the event by bringing young people through their doors and by having the BBQ used for the event donated to the Centre for future community use.

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Future Developments

Both Amna and Elaf enjoyed the experience of being Young Leaders that they want to become Young Ambassadors in the coming months. The event has also inspired other young people in the community to run their own projects after taking part in the BBQ.


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