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Disabled Enabled

Raising awareness of lived experience of disability through sports

Disabled Enabled set out to educate children about lived experience of having a disability through sports. As a disabled person, Haroun felt the importance for others to understand his life and the challenges he often faces. Haroun and Jace used their grant to buy sports equipment and refreshments to support the running of their sessions. They wanted to give young people the opportunity to try out different disability sports, such as floor basketball, sitting volleyball and rattleball.

Living with cerebral palsy, Haroun is very passionate about encouraging young people, both able bodied and disabled, to participate and be respectful of each other regardless of any differences. The sessions were offered to young people from aged 8-17 and gave young people at the youth club a chance to gain volunteering experience by supporting the sessions.

Alongside the benefits of exposing able bodied young people to sports for those with disabilities, the young leaders also aimed to get people active to improve their overall health. Haroun and Jace saw both physical and mental benefits from their sessions by reducing isolation through interacting with new people. The project proved successful as those who participated in the sessions made new friends, had new experiences of sports they had never played before and gained greater empathy of what it is like to live with a disability.

The young leaders are still running the sessions despite the completion of their project. The success of the sessions and the equipment purchased for sessions will continue to benefit the youth club for years to come.

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