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Endless Possibilities

A podcast to inspire young people who want to build a career in the sport industry

Nayim Ahmed, a passionate young person, initiated the Endless Possibilities project in June 2020. Nayim wanted to help young people who are interested in pursuing a career in the sport industry by carrying out 10 episodes podcast. His project aimed to inform young people of the opportunities within the professional sports industries and to educate them on key skills to achieve success in this arena.

Nayim and his team engaged in conversation with industry leading personalities. They asked them for advice to guide aspiring young people and reflect on their journey on how they reached the top such as obstacles faced, organisations who aided the journey and what young people should do to succeed. The guest speakers were able to speak and reflect upon the decisions they made to be where they are.

This is a project motivated and inspired young people. It also provided an opportunity for young people to learn from the guests experience, understand what values, skills and attributes they need to develop and how to acquire the relevant attributes whilst showcasing their talent. Furthermore, The activity was successful because the in depth and insightful conversation highlighted how young people can achieve their goals.

Nayim said about his experience, ‘this experience has allowed me to understand what I need to focus on to help young people in the community and how I can support them through barriers and obstacles that they may come across. It has also built and added to my interpersonal skills.’


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