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Fifa Sports Fun day

Young Leader Josiah hosted a sports and xbox tournament for young people aged 8 - 14.


Josiah wanted to get more young people out of their home and participating in activites outside of their homes. He ran an afternoon all about football and sport at Colombo Centre and Hatfields pitches.  The event included a football tournament on Hatfields pitch, an x-box FIFA tournament at the Colombo Centre and a table tennis tournament.  Teams would rotate around the different activities gaining points with the aim of becoming the overall winning team.  The event would encourage young people to come to youth sessions, to take part in sport and to meet other local young people.


24 young people attended, enjoying an afternoon of sports socialising and football games. It got the young people active and engaged, but also encouraged them to find out more about the regular youth sessions they can attend.

Future Developments

Having now learned just how much needs organising for an event, Josiah feels motived to put on more evens like this for young people in the future, using all he’s learned from this project to improve even further.

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Young people learned about youth clubs

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