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Gettin’ Creative- National Youth Theatre

Podcast chats to professionals in the creative industries about how their career got started

Gettin’ Creative is a podcast where host, Shakira Newton, chats to folk from creative industries about how their career got started, what they’re up to currently, and getting advice on how the audience can get started on that journey too. The project was started with the hope to inspire creative listeners after an uninspiring year of being locked inside due to the pandemic. Shakira came up with the idea for the podcast when she realised that there was disproportionate number of people in the theatre industry who wanted to write, act and direct in comparison to those applying for jobs behind the scenes. She soon realised that she, like most people, was uneducated in what/how many backstage occupations existed in the performing arts industry and in turn the creative industries as a whole. To remedy this she got started on Gettin’ Creative and with the help of the National Youth Theatre, she sourced some fantastic guests which have included the likes of lighting designers, voice/accent coaches and stage managers to chat about their career paths and inspire people to look into these areas as a job option. The podcast has had a great response so far, and we hope to continue to chat to inspiring folk and eventually do live podcast shows now that theatres are open again.

Each member of the team had an individual job to do to help get the podcasts out and ready for regular release. Amongst the team young people have the host, Shakira, who does all the guest research, social media posts, manages the team and of course the interviews themselves. They also had Ben, Emily, Saskia, Fran and Stan who split the responsibility of editing the episode videos for YouTube and the videos for social media between themselves. Eleni who does all of the audio editing and created the intro/outro music. Rom helps transcribe the episodes so we can ensure the video versions of the episodes are close-captioned and accessible for all.

Each young person was able to put the podcast on their professional CV’s. They also now have experience working on a podcast and meeting scheduled deadlines, as well as working as part of a professional team who are able to delegate and share responsibilities.

The podcast itself has been a massive success. Young people have had great feedback from listeners. The stats for both the audio version on all podcasting apps as well as the video versions on YouTube are positive and encouraging. They even have international listeners in all of the continents! They have a backlog of exciting new guests for future episodes, and as previously mentioned we are looking into the possibility of doing live theatre podcast interviews in the near future.

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