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Health Is Wealth

Nutrition workshops about healthy eating, reading labels and best practices for planning menus


About the Project

Shounde had a concern about what he and his friends were putting into their bodies. He decided to do something about it. By becoming a Young Leader, Shounde produced Health Is Wealth Workshops engaging people in his community  in lessons on what to cook, how to shop and other healthy choices around nutrition.

The Health Is Wealth workshops taught young people about healthy eating habits and explored some healthy meals that people can prepare at home. They helped increase awareness of the contents of food by looking closely at labels and questioning health claims by food manufacturers.

He was supported by nutritionist Giulietta Durante, who led 2 of the 4 sessions. The sessions took place at Southbank Centre in Waterloo, in the borough of Southwark.

The Impact

There were 4 weekly sessions in the series which helped to establish a good base of knowledge for participants about better habits when it comes to preparing food. Everyone who participated in the workshops responded that it was beneficial and would recommend to a friend. The young participants had a knock on benefit to society by helping their peers to achieve through an increase in health and activity. They also developed their management skills and Shounde is interested in future funding for another project.

The experience illustrates the outcomes of the project because the young people participating fed back that their awareness was raised by the workshops and they had a renewed interest in the subject, supporting their own personal development. Shounde’s Health Is Wealth workshop is the quintessential example of an activity that helps individuals achieve because he engaged an audience on healthy eating and food preparation, which has a huge effect on young people’s ability to progress in life and make better choices for themselves. 22 young people participated across 4 workshops.


Future Developments

Shounde has admitted to improving his eating and cooking habits and intends to access more support from Young Leaders towards an alternative Fashion Week event in February, 2017. Watch this space!


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