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Hillingdon Fundraising Football & Fun Run

Two young people bringing their friends together to raise money for charity while keeping fit and active

About the Project

Rashad (12) and Tyrique (14) organised and ran two different fundraising events for their friends to raise money for UNICEF. Rashad and his friends took part in a fun run while Tyrique put on a charity football match with his friends. In total the events raised £95 for their chosen charity and 18 of their peers took part in the events. Both leaders then organised an evening out at a local ten pin bowling venue to bring the two groups together to celebrate their fundraising efforts.

The Impact

Tyrique and Rashad have both grown personally through this experience of planning and running fundraising events for their friends. Those young people that took part in the football match and fun run were shown that raising money for charity doesn’t have to be dull and boring but can be incorporated in activities that they enjoy doing.

Future Developments

Tyrique and Rashad would like to organise a talent quest for young people in their community in 2016. This would give their friends a platform to preform to an audience which will be a fantastic experience.


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took part in football tournament


raised for UNICEF

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About the Project

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