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Inside Voices

Performances to showcase the voices of Southeast Asian Muslim women


A project to showcase the voices of Southeast Asian Muslim women and provide a more nuanced understanding of Islam and women. The Young Leader encouraged a dialogue and conversation around intersectional feminism – i.e. how race, religion and nationality affect how women interact with and empower each other, and how society perceives them. The Young Leader wanted to drive more Southeast Asian artists to present their work and voices on a wider UK platform. The project had an all Asian female cast for production and acting.


Full house for all performances. Inside Voices won VAULT Festival’s Origins Award for Outstanding New Work, recognised by the VAULT team as one of the most successful shows during the festival’s eight-week run. The show was a Festival Highlight reviewed by respected theatre critic Lyn Gardner, and garnered praise online from audiences who had seen the show. The audience members ranged from young to old, schoolchildren to senior citizens, students and professionals, theatre industry members and first-time fringe theatregoers, white and black and Asian and other minority communities. Many Southeast Asian expatriates and British East Asian audience members described that it felt like reminders of home, and Muslim audience members said it showcased a version of Islam that they had not previously seen and had not been depicted in the West.


VAULT Festival Origins Award for Outstanding New Work

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