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KORI Kayaking trip

Community members spend a day on the water


The members of KORI were interested in taking people from the community kayaking. So, a few of the young people became Young Leaders and did just that. They did the research, hired the coach and on a nice day over the summer took over 25 young people to Pirate Castle. Because not many of the young people participate much in water sports the Young Leaders produced this project to get young people involved in things that they don’t get to do every day.


The kayaking trip allowed young people to do an activity during their holiday that they normally wouldn’t get to do. The group engaged with Peabody Residents to come on the trip. This project had a positive impact on the participants by bringing them together and allowing them to interact with other children on holiday. With antisocial behaviour increasing over the holidays, this project allowed young people to interact with others their age from within their community and outside. It also gave them a chance to engage in healthy activity, exercise and team building. New relationships were formed and the participants worked together to solve issues.

Future Developments

The members of KORI would like hold similar trips like this in the future, introducing young people to other kinds of water sports also.


Become Young Leader


Young people learned to ride a Kayak


volunteers supported on the day

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