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Life Cycle

Young people provide support to struggling families during COVID-19 by opening their own food bank

Life Cycle was born during the Covid-19 pandemic. The project aimed to provide healthy options at food banks for families. Iris had set up the initiative during the first lockdown in 2020 and raised £1000 through a sponsored bike ride. Nancy and Iris joined forces and applied for the Young Leaders grant to enable them to expand the reach of the project, involve more young volunteers and reach more local people.


The two young leaders supported each other and their fellow volunteers by organising the rotas for staffing and selecting healthy foods that would be appropriate for their food bank. They then packed and delivered the items to the youth club which acted as the collection point.

In addition to providing food for 210 recipients, the project gave the residents of their local area a much stronger sense of community. Those who used the food bank felt a real connection to the club and it brought people together who would otherwise not interact, especially during a national lockdown. The project benefitted those in need of support in a challenging time. It has had a greater impact than the two young leaders ever imagined, with one mum saying, “I don’t know how I would feed my family without the food bank.”

The opportunity also helped 12 younger club members to gain volunteering and social action experience. A young volunteer said, “I was really nervous the first time I volunteered but I’m used to it now”. It incentivised other young people to get involved as it rewarded them in other ways – a club members reflected that “volunteering at the club’s food bank has helped me complete my silver Duke of Edinburgh Award.”


youth club members volunteered to support


recipients benefitted from the food bank

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