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Litter Pick Up at Peabody Hill

Residents get together to clean up the estate

About the Project

Ellie was tired of seeing the litter on the estate. So, she decided to do something about it. With the support of Young Leaders, Ellie organised a litter pick up with her neighbours and community, which still continues to this day!

Following an assessment and gaining buy-in from the community, Ellie organised residents on a cold Saturday morning in early spring and got to work.

The group collected over half dozen bin bags and loads of other items that had been discarded over the years. Quite a haul!

The Impact

The group found that volunteering for one’s community produces good vibe, along with social change. Helping to make the estate clean and hanging out with neighbours were the top results, along with a litter free community. Some suggestions that came out of the experience were the need for more bins, more signage and more lights.

Future developments

Ellie continues to get the group together every other Saturday to continue the litter pick up on her estate. Six to ten young people show up each time, continuing the commitment to a cleaner community at Peabody Hill. How’s that for sustainable social change in the Peabody community!


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Volunteers cleaned up their community

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About the Project

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