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Litter Picking

There is litter everywhere, so these Young Leaders are doing something about it in their local community

Ashleigh’s litter picking project set out to clean up her community streets and bring awareness of how to look after our environment.

“There is litter everywhere on our street, parks, beaches and oceans. We want other people to join or try to clean the environment and be more responsible for their actions so that they will think twice before throwing rubbish on streets or in parks. If plastics are not put in a bin, they will be broken into small pieces and become tiny particles floating in the air we breathe. Also, many animals eat plastics because they think they are food. We want to protect the animals and the environment.”

Ashleigh was inspired by her teacher to take action. She was encouraged to make a positive impact – “you are the future”. Ashleigh realised that she wants to live in beautiful and litter free environment where both humans and animals feel safe to be free and happy.

To have a wider impact, Ashleigh recruited some friends from her community inviting them to join her litter picking sessions every Saturday. They would meet in front of her house and start picking up litter on the streets on the way to the park or the market square. They met other people on the way who joined them. The group of young people would pick up litter for sometimes hours at a time!

The group have had huge success, receiving awards from their primary school and recognition from their local counsellor. They met new like-minded people who became part of their project. The group were asked to speak about their litter picking project to the school during assembly and received a Head Teacher Award as part of the Rights Respecting School Award. Other successes included working together with Tower Hamlets park rangers who were supportive and offered themselves as a point of contact if we needed any help, local residents approaching them to say thank you, their local councillor approaching the group to congratulate them for their project and gave them his business card to offer further help.

This project has hopes to continue to be a success as a local business has offered to fund their project. The Young Leaders are starting secondary school this September so plan to hold litter picks every month and use social media to encourage others to do their part for the environment.

Ashleigh has learned “it’s never too late to start taking action”.

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