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Maki’s Kitchen - Cooking Greek Food

A project to promote the Greek cuisine and promote nice Greek meals

This is a ‘how-to’ project to teach young people how to make traditional Greek food in an affordable and accessible manner. Overall, Artemis wanted to make young people feel more comfortable in the kitchen as well as exposing them to Greek culture and cuisine whilst having fun and motivating them to win a kitchen apron, oven mitt and pot holder set, handheld mixer and Greek cookbook. Artemis was trying to combat the correlation between deprivation and obesity through this project.


Artemis created four YouTube videos sharing four different food recipes. Her  videos got a total of 192 views. People who took part learnt how to make traditional Greek food in an affordable and accessible manner.

Artemis said: ‘I believe that the way that the videos were structured with clear instructions that described what was happening. The feedback that I received from the young people who participated was that the videos were very easy to follow, and pleasant to watch.’

And when we asked Artemis about the Young Leaders Programme and why she wanted to deliver a project, she said:’ the Young Leaders Programme offered a unique opportunity to develop my project management skills whilst engaging in positive social action that would have a genuine impact on the lives of young people.

This experience has taught Artemis how to use YouTube and Instagram as tools to promote a social impact project in her community. As well as this, it has helped her develop project management skills so that she now feel comfortable taking on a leadership role in a team setting,  knowing that she will be able to consistently deliver. This experience has made Artemis feeling more confident as a young person hoping to create a positive impact in the community.

‘The fact that I was able to share something that I am very passionate about (Greek food) with such a large audience moves me deeply, especially as everyone participated on a voluntary basis and gave fantastic feedback’.


To have a look at Artemis Videos, click here


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