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Men Behind the Scenes - Badu Community

A networking event for young people to meet and connect with each others.

Nadim, 18 years old, an ambitious young leader who is passionate about helping young people and the community led the Men Behind the Scene Project in collaboration with Badu Community. Nadim wanted this event to be the participant’s first exposure to  networking. The event provided the participants with an opportunity to develop their networking skills which are vital for progress in the world of work. It also allowed them to develop their first set of networks with the Badu male staff who are be able to mentor them and provide answers to questions the participants have about the future.

The participants all commonly have said that they have gained a huge amounts of knowledge and wisdom about careers and about different paths they may take in the future. Those that attended had different things to say but were around the same topic. For instance, Ayodimeji said “The talk was very helpful in helping my find out about how different aspects of Badu operate and the people who operate them”. Another participant Samuel commented and said that “It was nice to meet the people behind the scenes and just see what they do in Badu. It was also a good way  to meet new people” 

The participants bonded and networked really well with the Badu Male Staff and there were some amazing questions being asked. The participants also enjoyed meeting each other which is a success as lockdown has reduced social interaction among the young generation. All the participants came out of the event wanting to do an event like this again, with an interest in speaking with the same speakers. 

When we asked Nadim what what encouraged him to do this event, he said ‘ what encouraged me is the opportunity to actually lead a project. I want to gain as much experience in a leadership role as possible. Having an opportunity to lead a project at a young age is a great experience that will give an individual an edge in the future of work. Being able to assist or lead in creating projects is good practice.’

He also said about the Young Leaders Programme, ‘the Young Leaders Programme has given me an experience which I can look back to whenever I take future leadership and project management roles. I have improved on my communication and leadership skills which I can take forward with me. I have also improved a lot in my time-management skills which has always been something I wanted to work on which I’m proud to have improved.’

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