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Men and Women Behind Finance- Badu Community

A project to inform young people about the financial sector

Men and Women in Finance is a virtual project to inform young people about the many ways different workers in the financial sector got to where they are today and give them an insight to how they might do the same. Joshua and Esmond wanted the participants to gain an insight to the working world in general to get them prepared mentally for what the future holds.

The people that participated got to ask questions to professionals in the financial sector to improve their knowledge on the various pathways to get into the finance industry. For those that weren’t particularly interested in finance they at least gained knowledge on the roles and different sectors in the industry.  

The Q&A/Discussion format in the breakout rooms that we implemented worked very well as it enabled everyone to get a decent amount of time with each guest speaker before rotating and everyone got to ask at least 2-3 questions per rotation. Having the mentees being able to have a level of understanding and could relate to them so much on a personal level. Lastly, it was just an engaging session for the young people.  

Joshua and Esmond said that, they were encouraged to take part in the project because themselves didn’t know much prior to the speakers Q&A session and were eager to find out what finance in the working world entailed.

When we asked Joshua and Esmond about their experience in the Young Leaders Programme, they said: ‘ Young Leaders  is a simple and effective way of organising a project and enables you to critically assess your plan and how you’re going to make your next steps.’


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