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More to Life

A night to talk about knife crime and gang violence.


As knife crime in London was spiralling out of control Daniel and Maatin wanted to host an event to highlight that there is ‘More to life’ than knife and gang violence.

The event was held in Pembury Community Centre in Hackney and kicked off with 3 guest speakers, a young adult who had been involved in gang violence, another who had been to prison and a young woman who works for a youth organisation supporting young females to stay on the right path. The speakers gave detailed accounts of their lives covering some of the following topics:

  • Growing up on estates in London
  • How they become involved in knife crime/gang culture
  • Their experience of dealing with police or going to prison
  • How they broke that vicious cycle of being involved in gang/knife violence

Then on to the panel discussion – an interactive session where guest speakers were asked questions relating to knife and gang violence giving their opinions and what they though could be a possible solution to the problem.


Daniel and Maatin have set up their own business called ‘BMEN – Black Male Empowerment Network’, a  fantastic way for young males to get involved in discussions and forums led by inspirational young men, who care and want to make a difference to society.

After the event, the speakers and Young Leaders were invited to take part in a campaign led by 4Front at the Houses of Parliament to further discuss youth violence and push for change.


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