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Online Drawing Sessions

A project to teach young people how to draw

Wessam is a very talented young artist who wanted to teach young people how to use art as a way to express feelings and ideas.

Wessam delivered two Instagram two online Instagram, 45 minutes each. Wessam asked participants to copy his drawing style so they could try and Wessam asked them to share it with him. Wessam chose the most successful drawings and shared them on his Instagram account. In The first session- 03/ June/ 2021,  he guided the participants through the process of drawing anime characters step by step. By the end of the first session, each participant  were expected to draw an anime character to colour in the second session. While in the second session 10/ June/2021, Wessam went over what young people have learned in the first session and then moved on to talk about colouring. He shared tips and techniques to team young people about the best practices of colouring any drawing. Young people will apply the knowledge by colouring their paint of the first session.

Wessam said: ‘Young people are facing a lot of challenges to cope with the rapid changes in the world around them. COVID19 made it very challenging for young people who experienced isolation to express their feelings and views. Art is my tool to express my feelings and ideas and I want to teach young people how to draw and use art as a way to boost their mental health. As well as, I have received a lot of requests from my friends to teach them how to draw and I would love to share experiences with them to create atmosphere of fun and friendship.’

Wessam have received alot of positive messages from people who watched his videos and that encouraged him to share his work with people around him.

To watch Wessam’s videos, follow the links below

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