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Reach for the Stars

A project to teach young people useful poetry skills to unleash their creativity during the lockdown


With lockdown closing schools and leaving young people without the same access to education, 16 year old Ibukun decided to run a project to support children on her estate to improve their poetry skills. She feels that poetry gives lifelong skills through understanding language and exploring and expressing your experience of the world.

She ran three online sessions with a local poet, supporting the children to understand rhyme, tackle issues such as Black Lives Matter and become more confident in their ability to write. Through the sessions they learnt how to structure poems, work with others in a creative project and hone their skills, culminating in a completed poem for everyone who took part.

Favor, 11, and Success, 12, said “The project is a really fun way to learn about poetry and what we like the most is learning how we got to think and write about our poems.”

Black lives matter
George flagged a martyr,
Hate wants to win,
But we are going to push harder,

Racism has caused segregation,
Why didn’t we follow the emancipation proclamation,
We have been underestimated for too long,
And it is time to show what we can do to change the world, who has done wrong
Why do people hate,
Why can’t the world just change,
We should all be united as one,
Leave the hate behind and move on,

You have torn apart families,
Cut short people’s futures,
And destroyed innocent lives,
All lives can’t matter until black lives do

Favour & Success, Reach for the Stars project


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