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SoapBox Live

SoapBox Live is SoapBox Youth Centre’s weekly live performance space for young creative

SoapBox Live is SoapBox Youth Centre’s weekly live performance space for young creatives. Since April 2020 this has happened online on Instagram Live. The events have seen over 100 young people perform to a weekly audience of between 300-500. And 4 young leaders volunteered every week to lead, curate and host those live session. 

This group of young people decided that they wanted to move the event from Instagram to YouTube, launching on July 7th. But to do this, they realised that they needed to have some help. So they identified three areas of training they needed: 

  • Streaming 
  • Marketing 
  • Event Organising 

 Alongside this, they wanted to have a headline act that could help them launch on YouTube and they chose BeatBox Hobbit. 

People who participated learned received a lot of support and learned about: 

  • They received training in streaming, marketing and event organising from industry professionals; 
  • They were able to put their learning into practice with their first event on July 7th; 
  • They developed a series of connections with industry professionals; 
  • They were able to successfully launch SoapBox Live on YouTube; 
  • They felt that they built a number of social and emotional capabilities, including improvements in communication, teamwork and confidence.

The young people really enjoyed the training and believed that this improved their skills in a number of important areas. They also felt that this work brought them closer together as a group, as they had three x 2 hour training sessions where they all learnt together. Finally, they said that they were now more confident to take additional responsibilities in developing the events going forward. 


The group were very proud of the first event on YouTube and felt it was successful. Tthe addition of the headline act made a real difference and they are now more confident to launch the live events on a regular basis. 

 To learn more about this group work, click here

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