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SoapBox Video Commercial

A project to teach young people about film production and managing

The purpose of this film project is for young people to get involved in video production, understand the process of video making and produce a commercial for soapbox by the end. This programme is also designed to give young people an insight into the professional process of video production and encourage them to produce a commercial of their own with the help of staff members. 

Young leaders who developed and delivered this project wanted to try and achieve this because they e know how hard it is to get free access to professionals to learn from. Therefore, we want to give young people access to a professional course with a focus on SoapBox as the learning mechanism.  

Young people who participated got different skills and knowledge and opportunity to:

  • Spend time with an industry professional  
  • Make a commercial that promoted the centre they access to invite other young people  
  • Promote workshops as a team  
  • Collaborate with other young people to create a project  
  • Learn about video editing, scripting and filming.  

 When we asked young people about what was a success, they said: ‘The workshops! we had a full class every week and young people learned so much. Also promoting the event to our inner circle of friends and young people that use SoapBox . Working as a team to make everything happen  and using the Peabody paperwork to structure our project  

They also said that next time, they would meet as a team more regularly, spend more time researching  and managing the group more effectively. 




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