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Speak Out Fashion Project

Rosendale's young people turned their feelings for their community into clothes


Young people sometimes struggle to put their feelings into words and due to this sometimes feel misunderstood as well as people thinking that because they are young they don’t care about their community. Young Leaders, Daniella, Marco and Harvey wanted to both help young people express those feelings and show that the opposite was true. To achieve this they held clothing design workshops with the intent of using artistic expression to highlight all the positive feelings they have about their multicultural community.


They held 4 workshops over the course of a few weeks, bringing together 20 young people from the community to design and create clothing which emphasised the way the feel about their community. At the end of the workshops they then held a fashion show, displaying all the items they had created and invite everyone from the Rosendale estate to come and see just what their community means to them. It didn’t matter if they could draw or not, people where about to come together regardless and put their feelings into their designs. Even young people are still wearing the T-shirts and Hoodies they made for themselves that day.

Speak out Fashion Project

Future Developments

They would like to do more fashion projects in the future similar to this one and yet taking a different route such as pattern designs for things other than wearable clothing.

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still wearing their designs

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