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Still One London

Multi-faceted cultural event ahead of the London Mayoral debate

About the Project

Politics effect everyone, not just adults. With this sentiment in mind, Amaan Ali organised Dear Mr Mayor with Still One LDN at the Hugh Cubitt Center in London.

Amaan states, “we want to get Londoners to explore issues around the upcoming mayoral debate through a multi-faceted event creative expression including music, drama and art to get young people aware of the mayoral elections.” Working along side grass roots organisations, Amaan produced an exhibit from the activities of the day and hosted a debate on politics and democracy.

As a politics student, Amaan is passionate about democracy and sees the mayoral debate as something that young Londoners can identify with directly, more so than the general elections. To him, this seemed like a great opportunity to explore politics and democracy and what it means to be a young Londoner in a creative and engaging way.

At the event, young people were encouraged to contribute to a number of interlinked creative projects across music, drama and art. Engaging Peabody residents from different corners of London, organisers looked at changes they have noted around their local areas. From this starting point participants discussed local neighbourhood concerns that the next London Mayor should consider addressing.

There was a band playing, snacks provided and numerous speeches and a political quiz. There was also a drama performance on politics and art sessions that allowed people to share their thoughts on issues they face in their community.

The Impact

It can be agreed that any grassroots effort to better understand politics is valuable. This effort, led by a young person and grassroots organisations left participants with a greater understanding of the Mayoral election and how politics affects their life/community. People were encouraged to register to vote and make their voice heard in their community. The music and art was a big success as well as the food.

Future Developments

Following on from this, Amaan intends work with homelessness in London, continuing to spread the message of Still One LND to other young people in schools/youth clubs/hostels not just in Islington but all throughout London.


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Raised awareness and interest in politics

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