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Summer activities in Newham

Summer fun for local children.


Tommy and Charisma wanted to get involved in offering something for children in their area over summer as they know that lots of parents in Newham struggle to find things for their children to do – it has the second worst child poverty rates in London.

They teamed up with Ascension Trust to run two days packed full of activities for children aged 6 – 12, including free lunch. This included sports, parachute games, cooking, water fights and art sessions, all designed and organised by the two Young Leaders.


50 children took part over the two days, offering the opportunity to play with their friends and try something new. Tommy and Charisma developed their skills in working with children and Tommy is now looking to become a teacher.


Interested in supporting children in your area? Run your own event as a Young Leader!




children took part

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Are you aged 11-25 and living in London? Want to run activities for other young people in your area? Want to support your friends and community and make a positive difference? Contact us today and you could secure up to £500 funding to make your idea a reality.

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Peabody is funding 11-25 year olds to develop their own projects, trips and events for other young people in their local area.

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