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The Muffin Man Charity Fundraiser

Young people baking and selling healthy muffins for charity

About the Project

Shane, 16 year old Young Leader, felt that young people on his estate didn’t have a good understanding of nutrition and healthy eating, so he devised The Muffin Man project. This was a healthy baking workshop for young people that would include an educational element around nutrition. He found a nutritional tutor to deliver a workshop, and secured an industrial kitchen facility through Peabody, at their Darwin Court centre. On the day each young person was given their own ingredients and work station and followed the recipe to make healthy Chocolate and Beetroot muffins. They worked through the workshop with the tutor and gained knowledge around how to choose healthy ingredients over unhealthy ones. Once the muffins were baked, they were taken to their local estate where they were sold to members of the public.

A total of 25 muffins were sold, raising £25 for charity.

The Impact

The project was well attended with all the young people being from a local Peabody estate. The baking session saw the young people help each other out when they saw a member of the group struggling, and they showed good composure working to the tight time constraints of the recipe. They learned how to use equipment in the kitchen they weren’t familiar with and also learnt health and safety skills.

When it came to selling the muffins, the young people were nervous to approach members of the public who they didn’t know. After rallying in a group discussion of what the best technique to approach people was, they developed a basic script they could follow to break the ice. Whenever one of them forgot it, another would jump in and help out. The technique was successful as they soon found their rhythm, selling muffins to people of all ages. A passing local councillor bought one and was impressed with not only the muffin, but the interaction and dedication of the young people. At the end, the young people felt they had gained confidence from the experience, and also demonstrated a sense of pride over the money they had raised for charity.

Future Developments

Shane has expressed an interest in delivering future baking workshops for younger members of the estate during the summer holidays once he finishes his GCSEs. He also feels there could be more done for charity, and suggested ideas for future initiatives for the local community, such as a car boot sale.


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