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We Are Human project was trying to present a shared humanity; no matter how far apart people’s experiences lay, we may be more connected than what is first perceived. Nay, the project leader, wanted to show this to perhaps gain some empathy from an audience, and present the pointlessness of prejudice, which is why it ended in interviewing Good Chance Theatre, focusing on removing prejudice toward refugees.

The performers had a chance to share and perform their original works to an audience, while the stage manager was able to practice her skills and the guest speakers from Good Chance Theatre not only were able to share their work and have an enjoyable conversation, but the performance raised funds toward their project

Nay was quite nervous, but it ended up feeling very natural. The audience said they felt he knew when to respond and when to leave it with the words said by the person he asked a question to. The performers were incredible – they were extremely professional and did their cues right as well as performing well-written poems. They then answered  questions in the discussion section with depth and genuine interest.  The structure of the performance flowed really well.

Nay said about the Young Leaders, ‘It provided an opportunity not only for me, but for all of the performers as well as Good Chance Theatre. It allowed us to make an important point to an audience and for that I’m grateful’. ‘The Young Leaders Programme has given me an opportunity to test my facilitating/hosting skills and I absolutely loved it. Its made me learn about myself and I look forward to continuing this kind of event in future. It’s also given me an opportunity to stand for what I believe in in front of an audience and to allow the performers to do the same.

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