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Winner Stays On- Break Comms

A project to create a safe space form performers

Young leaders who delivered and designed the project aimed to create a safe space to have healthy friendly competition running which can help the artists to grow whilst also being rewarded for putting themselves out there and sharing their music. It went well because there’s always good vibes in the community and it’s a strong support system and this was a beautiful way to demonstrate that strength in a competitive environment.

Hundreds of people joined the live sessions throughout four weeks, and actually performed. There was thousands of people who came through the lives to watch along and vote in the audience. ONE of our lives alone had over 1,000 people come in and out over the 2 hours. The people who took part grew in confidence and got the chance to perform to a crowd virtually, in a competitive but safe space. They felt empowered to be able to get involved in more Instagram lives out side of this project and more comfortable to share their talent online. For some people it was the first time they’ve ever shared their music online so it’s the start of a journey for some of them. Obviously the majority have shared their stuff online already but Winner Stays On still brings a different dynamic.

The safe space that we have created was a success. The growth of the artists. The strength of the community. The friendly competition. The amount of people who came through and supported us. The new talent we were able to find via this. Young people feel like everything they aimed for succeeded and even more than they aimed for / expected.

Young people are keen on running more projects like #WinnerStaysOnand hopefully get more funding behind these. They will continue to build online and as lockdown slowly eases, they will also have events back which is great for the community – bringing the page to the stage and cementing how real the community and support is.
Ellisse, is on of the participants, said: Projects like this give artists who haven’t had their opportunity in the limelight an opportunity to get their names out there. Winner Stays On” gives artists confidence and not only that but its a good way to light up someone’s day and especially during the season of Covid it gives hope and inspiration.

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