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Women Behind the Scene- Badu Community

A project to empower young people and support them exploring job opportunities in the sport sector

Renedi and Seri are two inspiring young leaders who delivered the Women Behind the Scene project in collaboration with Badu Community. Their project aimed to empower and expose young women within to the job opportunities available within a sporting organisation as well as introduce them to the Women working behind the scenes at BADU Community.

When we asked Renedi and Seri why they want to do this project, they said ‘ we want to show participants that they are capable of working in any environment and can still achieve greatness as well as a great career.  We wanted our project to have this impact as we knew the mentees did not know many women working within a sporting organisation that was not an athlete or part of the healthcare team. We wanted to show them that if this was a possible career for them, they could definitely make it there.

The mentees were able to get a real life insight into the reality of working in a well-run sports company and the  influences women have on the company. They were able to get advice on how to conduct themselves in working environments and how to stay positive in the workplace as well as how to overcome any major and minor setbacks. They also got to learn things about the company from different job roles’ perspectives – in finance, in the community and in sports directly, and how although they have varied perspectives on things in the company, their main goal is to work as best in their fields to establish the company at the best and highest standard. 

 The mentees felt very comfortable asking questions – there were so many questions, we ran over time.  They became more familiar with the women working in the company, building on working relationships. The reality of working in the company was not rose-tinted – they got a real sense of the working life and also the work life in BADU.  We believe they began to have a greater appreciation for women who don’t always get praised upfront but still push themselves 100% to do their best for the good of the company.  

Here are a few words from the attendees:  

“I loved this session , everyone was so comfortable with each other and questions didn’t stop coming!!!” – Jagoda  

“I found it very entertaining listening to their perspectives” – Jemima  

“It was great to get an insight into the careers available in a sporting organisation and meet the amazing women that work behind the scenes” – Fulgis  

“Can’t wait to have another session soon!” – Bridget 

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